“I have to justify each and every action that a character takes in every scene. I got to take my ego out of it. I got to take my opinions out of it, good or bad. I have to justify every action.”

Actor Manuel Uriza talks about his role in “Gentefied” and how like his character he is both Mexican through and through as well as 100% American. He talks about how those two cultures collide in real life and in the family on the show.

Plus Uriza talks about playing the charismatic “Narcos Mexico” character Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Uriza says he briefly met Gonzalez when he was 10-year-old at the Del Mar Racetrack. How he used that faint memory and by talking to those who knew Gonzalez to play the character well.

Both “Narcos Mexico” and “Gentefied” are streaming now on Netflix!

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