Sharon McMahon is known by her fans as America’s Government Teacher. Her followers go by the term “governerds” who want to learn about politics and history without the drama. She calls it “government for everybody”.

McMahon’s podcast “Sharon Says So” has been downloaded millions of times. She tells Carlos Amezcua, “I have made a point of deciding that we’re not going to be one of those places that is full of hate. It is really difficult to find a place online to talk about politics in a nuanced, thoughtful, intelligent manner that does not involve an incredible amount of mudslinging.” – Sharon McMahon “America’s Government Teacher”

“There’s so many conversations that we are not having because we are too busy insulting each other and so that’s what I want to avoid.”

Plus what does McMahon have to say about covering tough topics like January 6th, 2021? And hear how her community has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for World Central Kitchen and CARE for the people of Ukraine.

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