• Biden and Trump town halls

    Biden and Trump town halls

    Since they couldn’t agree to a debate, the presidential candidates will have dueling TV town hall events tomorrow night. Lisa Remillard has all the details. Which one will you...
  • Census ending TOMORROW! (Oct 15th)

    Census ending TOMORROW! (Oct 15th)

    The 2020 census comes to an abrupt halt tomorrow, Thursday Oct 15th after a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Trump administration. Why is the census so important...
  • Targeted stimulus?

    Targeted stimulus?

    Senate GOP floats “targeted” stimulus package as the White House pushes a plan to “go big or go home.” So which is it? Lisa Remillard explains.
  • Amy Coney Barrett hearings begin

    Amy Coney Barrett hearings begin

    Tomorrow behind the week long confirmation hearings of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Lisa Remillard explains what we can expect.
  • Stimulus latest (Oct 9th)

    Stimulus latest (Oct 9th)

    Friday’s stimulus update. The White House comes back to the table and ups the ante. The Senate casts doubt. Lisa Remillard has details.
  • To debate or not?

    To debate or not?

    Chaos with the next presidential debate. Will it happen? What’s next? Lisa explains.
  • Derek Chauvin released on bail

    Derek Chauvin released on bail

    The former officers charged in the homicide of George Floyd has been released on $1 million bail. What does this mean for the case? Lisa Remillard explains what’s next.
  • VP Debate tomorrow (Oct 7th)

    VP Debate tomorrow (Oct 7th)

    Tomorrow night is the one and only Vice Presidential debate of this election season. Lisa Remillard details what to expect.
  • Early Voting Dates

    Early Voting Dates

    Californians are now able to vote early. What other states are voting in October ahead of the November election? Lisa Remillard explains.
  • New Supreme Court session to begin

    New Supreme Court session to begin

    Tomorrow (Monday) begins a new Supreme Court session minus Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What’s on the docket for the 8 remaining justices? Lisa Remillard explains.
  • Stimulus package latest (Oct 1st)

    Stimulus package latest (Oct 1st)

    The House is looking to pass the latest Stimulus package. But Democrats are still far apart from Republicans. Lisa Remillard explains why this vote may not help the negotiation....
  • Past Presidential Debates

    Past Presidential Debates

    Last night’s debate shows how far away we’ve strayed from substantive policy issues. A look back at traditional presidential debate styles with Lisa Remillard.